We offer complimentary of various in-house activities and facilities that are specially designed to keep our guests to feel relax, healthy and in good shape with optimal fitness. Note: Some activities is chargeable and subject to availability.

A person using a long picker to harvest ripe red lychees from a lush tree in Malacca, standing on a blue ladder among vibrant greenery.

Canopy Walk

Build your confidence and challenge yourself to accomplish your goal. Amazing longest canopy walk in Malaysia is now at The Orchard! The perfect spot for team building activities and outdoor recreation.


Two wellness seekers practicing Tai Chi in a park, wearing traditional white outfits, focusing intently. One is standing and the other is seated, displaying a fluid hand movement.

Yoga & Taichi

Come and join our Yoga and life-enriching Tai Chi classes to begin your spiritual journey with our excellent Yoga and Tai Chi Master.


A group fitness class with four adults exercising on green stability balls using hand weights at the Orchard Wellness Spa. They are following the lead of an instructor in the foreground.

Fitness Classes

Kick-start your fitness journey and achieve your fitness goals through classes offered at The Orchard Resort that include kickboxing, dance, aerobic, cardio and strength training or get a personal training by our fitness instructor.


A serene pathway lined with lush green trees and fallen leaves on both sides, leading through a tranquil, naturally lit forest area at Orchard Wellness Spa in Malacca.

Orchard Trail Hike

Exercise and relax. An easy paced activity; morning or evening guided nature walks within The Orchard Fruit Farm of varieties seasonal tropical fruit tree and experience up-close encounters with small wildlife in the forest.


A woman relaxing during a spa treatment at a wellness spa with massage oils in glass bottles displayed in the foreground and pink flower petals scattered around.

Be-Well Spa & Services

The ultimate way to indulge in not just one luxurious treatment, but a collection of our most requested beneficial spa treatments in a single day.


A salt room at Orchard Wellness Spa for wellness seekers, lined with glowing Himalayan salt blocks on walls, featuring two reclining chairs placed in the center, warmly lit with an orange hue.

Himalayan Crystal Salt Room

First of its kind in Malaysia, crystal salts imported from Himalaya are used as speleotherapy at our resort. A natural healing experience that is not to be missed at our resort!


Four adults exercising in a swimming pool at The Orchard Wellness Spa and Resort using colorful foam noodles for support, focusing intently on their workout.

Outdoor Swimming Pools

Take a dip in our luxurious outdoor swimming pool and spa pool that offer amazing view of clear blue sky. Immerse yourself to relax and recharge in our outdoor swimming pool


Ripe passion fruits hanging from a vine, bathed in sunlight, with dewdrops on their surface, surrounded by lush green leaves at the Orchard Wellness Spa in Malacca.

Tropical Fruits Farm

Discover varieties of tropical fruits at our 128 acres Fruit Farm. Immerse yourself in nature, enjoy fresh air and exercise while learning about the health benefits of each fruits. Free sampling on fruits in season.


A variety of dried tea leaves in small bowls with two cups of brewed tea, a teapot, and a wooden spoon on a dark wooden table at Orchard Wellness Spa.

Tea Salon

There is nothing more relaxing than savoring a cup of tea to help you unwind. We offer a wide and refreshing selection of traditionally prepared healthy teas and snacks.
Try The Orchard Specialty Tea Brews.


An image of a small, private movie theater at Orchard Wellness Spa in Malacca, with rows of black leather reclining seats, dim lighting, and walls decorated in brown tones.

In-House Movie Night

Every night is a movie night at our resort. Experience the ultimate in movie night indulgence at our amphitheater. Catch the latest and popular movie in our spacious amphitheater.


Grilled vegetable skewers with tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and broccoli on a charcoal grill at Orchard Wellness Spa in Malacca, set against a green outdoor background.

BBQ – Barbeque

A great get together outing for group of friends. Unlike any other barbeques, our barbeque offers a delicious healthy range of food choices.


A whole durian fruit and a sectioned piece with exposed yellow flesh from Malacca, set against a white background.

Durian Season (June – August)

Eat Till You Drop! *Limited time only
At The Orchard Resort, our fruit farm has varieties of Durian species that include D24, Golden Phoenix, XO, D13, D1, D101, Red Prawn, Green Bamboo and others.


A hand is selecting a red book from a shelf filled with various wellness books in a library setting.


Read a book in the comfort and peace at our Library. Our impressive library is filled with huge collection of more than 3,000 interesting books on various titles that emphasis on health, travel, cuisines, fictions, history, philosophy and many more.


A group of joyful guests at the Orchard Wellness Resort, singing into a microphone together, surrounded by colorful lighting.


Sing your heart out at our Karaoke room built with a sleek design and equipped with modern audio visual equipment for karaoke-lovers.


A group of five wellness seekers enjoys a night out in a warmly lit backyard in Malacca, with one playing the guitar, another singing, and the rest listening and holding drinks.

Safari Night Walk

Enjoy the opportunity of a memorable adventure night. Observe nocturnal animals up-close in our forest follow by a bush style BBQ.


A smiling man without a shirt standing outdoors holding a large fish in front of a small house with tropical plants around, near the Orchard Wellness Spa in Malacca.

Fishing (Catch & Release)

Enjoy a quiet evening fishing at our very own man made lake at our resort. Catch as many fish as you can at our resort and snap pictures with all your proud catches before releasing them back to our lake.


A cyclist rides a mountain bike on a woodland trail at the Orchard Wellness Spa, focusing on the lower half and back wheel, surrounded by sunlit foliage.

Bicycle Riding

Feel the fun and freedom and enjoy the fresh air of nature with bicycle riding activity at our resort. Bicycling is a healthy outdoor activity that can be enjoyed alone or with the entire family or a group of friends.


Close-up of a person’s hands weaving on a traditional wooden loom in Malacca, focusing on the intricate movement and the colorful threads involved in the craft.

Aboriginal Native Village

Experience the life of aboriginal native and their unique culture and arts skill that are related with the nature.


Two people walking on a golf course at Orchard Wellness Spa in Malacca, carrying golf bags and chatting. The man is wearing a white cap and checkered shorts, and the woman is in a pink shirt and white cap.


Enjoy a game of golf. It can be mentally stimulating and mentally challenging. Golf is good for your health and your heart.


Outdoor shopping center on a sunny day with a mix of modern and traditional architectural styles, featuring storefronts including Sephora and visible pedestrians, popular among wellness seekers.

Freeport A’Famosa Outlet

Freeport A’Famosa Outlet is the biggest shopping mall in Alor Gajah, housing more than 70 international fashion, sports, and accessories brands.

Expect discounts between 30% and 70% from popular brands!!


A bustling street market in Malacca at dusk, with a young boy walking in the foreground and various colorful stalls illuminated under the evening sky.

Machap Baru Street Walk

Machap Baru Street Walk offers combination of famous dishes from all around the states of Malaysia in one place.


A historical site in Malacca with a damaged stone gate and two old cannons displayed in a courtyard on a sunny day, surrounded by greenery and a red-tiled building in the background.

Historical Places

Experience the historical richness of Melaka City. Visit different landmarks to see the imprints of British, Dutch and Portugese forces on the landscape of Melaka.


A variety of colorful traditional Asian sweets displayed at Orchard Wellness Spa in Malacca, including treats wrapped in green leaves and others coated in shredded coconut.

Local Food & Snacks

Enjoy all sort of local delicacies and authentic Nyonya cuisine as you explore around Melaka City


A close-up of a crocodile with its mouth open, showcasing textured scales and sharp teeth, resting by the water in Malacca.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Melaka is well-known for its historic background. Besides historic sites, explore nearby attractions such as crocodile farm, botanical garden, butterfly and reptile sanctuary and many more.