Pools & Aqua-Aerobics

Take a dip in our luxurious swimming pools. Our 50 metre 4 feet deep outdoor pool and spa pool offer amazing view of clear blue sky with nature green surroundings. Our spa pool incorporates individual massage jets and loungers, which are ideal to de-stress and loosen the muscles after a long day or a workout in the fitness center.

At The Orchard Resort, we also offer 20 metre 3 feet deep indoor thermal pool with temperature of between 29 and 36 degrees. Immerse yourself, feel relaxed and recharge your health in the warm water of get in shape by joining our complimentary aqua-aerobic class.

Complimentary Aqua Aerobic Class time: 09:00 to 10.00 am | 18:00 to 19:00 pm everyday

Minimum pax required per class: 2 pax

Guests are required to wear swimwear to enter the pools.

All Pools (Outdoor, Spa & Thermal) operation hours:
08:00 AM – 19:00 PM

Kindly contact our concierge for details.